Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How to Win Scratch Offs Revealed

 Scratch Offs Have the Best Overall Odds of Winning Compared to other Lottery Games

Would you like to know how to win scratch offs lottery tickets? I'm here to to tell you that there's  no way to guarantee a win every time you purchase a scratch off lottery ticket but there are ways to substantially increase your odds of winning. 

Did you know that scratch off games have the best odds of winning compared to other lottery games circulating? You probably already knew that and that's how you stumbled upon this site. If you are like me than you are an Scratch off junkie. The thrill of scratching off lottery tickets to reveal the amount won is just a great feeling. To win consistently is even an greater feeling :-)

There are little known secrets to winning scratch off tickets but believe it or not there are methods to winning. I've found a great system that I would like to share; It's called "How to Win Scratch Offs" system.

Ace Lee which is the author of  "How to Win Scratch Offs" system take great pride in his system because Ace was the first to develop an step-by-step method to winning scratch offs.

Personally I love this system because the author is very thorough, he provides everything that's needed to realistically increase chances of winning lottery scratch off tickets. The author of the system is an ex-lottery retailer by the name of Ace Lee that's revealing all of his secrets to winning scratch off tickets.

Ace Lee
There are Methods to Increase Chances of Winning Scratch Offs

Believe it or not there is actually a right and wrong way to playing the scratch off games to avoid losses and increase winnings; which Ace system covers as well. 

Kudos to Ace Lee for creating such an amazing course, now we know longer have to ask ourselves the question of "how to win scratch offs"?

After Researching Ace's "How to Win Scratch Offs" system I've compiled some interesting points on the system offered by Ace Lee

Here's what I've Found about Ace's "How to Win Scratch Offs" System:
First & Original course on how to win at scratch offs. 
First scratch off course created by an actual lottery retailer Ace Lee.
First scratch off course to bring winners up to $10,000 with one ticket
Ace has been featured on several newspapers for many lottery systems.
First scratch off course that helps you win without playing too many tickets.
* The MOST realistic system to win in lottery because scratch offs have BEST odds of winning.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

"How to Win Scratch Offs" System -Ace Lee Explains how it all Began

Personal Email from Creator of the "How to Win Scratch Offs" System of How it all Began

Here's the story...

As a lottery retailer, I see THOUSANDS of scratch off players....I notice their patterns and MOST OF THEM lose. But I started to notice this 80 year old scratch off player named Joe. The interesting thing is Joe seemed to win MORE than the average scratch off player.

...At first, I didn't really catch his secret.But as I started to take note of his playing style, I noticed SEVERAL things that he did DIFFERENTLY than 99% of scratch off players.

...And because of these few simple things he did before buying scratch offs, he won MORE often than most scratcher players. In fact, Joe seemed to win more than people who spent more money than him. So I started asking Joe about his secrets to win more than the average player.

And he revealed everything to me.

...Some of his tips worked and some of his ideas I didn't completely agree with. But MOST OF IT did make sense and did work. That's how I started my journey to find out the ultimate way to play the scratch off games. I even went on to learn MORE tips from lottery insiders such as lotto agents and lotto retailers like myself.

...In the end, I compiled all my secrets and tips and structured it into a simple step-by-step system. And that's what the "How to Win Scratch Offs" is all about. I'm really proud of this course and I am very confident that you can win MORE using my system COMPARED to 99% of other systems out there.

...That's because I know for a FACT that the scratch off games is the MOST REALISTIC way to win.

I have seen it with my own eyes.

I have won myself.
I have sold winners up to $7,777.
I have had students win up to $10,000.
I have met people won won $1,000,000.

...So I am confident about this course. Thus, I highly recommend you to grab your copy so you can start winning MORE in the scratch offs.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ace Lee Lottery Circle Software

For all my lottery lovers I have news for you. Ace Lee the creator of "How to Win Scratch Offs" has also created a powerful lottery software called "Lottery Circle". If you also like to play the lottery numbers then this software is a must for you. I've search the web and found some "lottery circle" success stories.

Lottery Circle Software Success Stories:

"Using the Lottery Circle Software, it took me a few weeks to watch the numbers that played in the Ohio Lotto before using the numbers from the software. I purchased it in Jan and on February, I hit on a double 338 and I won $250.
- J Scott (Cols, OH)

"Thanks Ace, By the way, I won...on my first fantasy 5, last week through your lottery circle system. It's really work...Thanks again."
- Maria Bacierto (San Jose, CA)

"Hey Ace how are you? Your lottery circle website is the best lottery site on the internet bar none ,its comprehensive ,clear and very concise...I particularly love the frequency charts and the smart picks and all the time it saves ...I'm a fan for life.."
- Marvon Hazlewood (New York, NY)

"Hi Ace Lee, I just ordered your lottery circle...I just wanted to say the system is very easy to understand and its the first time I've ever bought a system that was this simple to use. So a big thumbs up from me...Thanks!"
- Eva Timberlake (Jacksonville, TN)

"I used the Lottery Circle picks on our Match 6 game here in PA...I had better results with the Lottery Circle than I did with my own picks in the past.  The future looks promising. The results are encouraging for the future. And much better than I could do on my own. Thank you for a good site and a good product. I have no regrets purchasing your products and I see better days ahead."
- Jeff Rockey (Harrisburg, PA)